We only knew the Hebrides from the weather report and Galway only from a song

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– Day 5 – Galway

Ever since the release of the Ed Sheeran song “Galway Girl”, the small port town on the west coast of Ireland has been known to the whole world. Galway is the capital of County Galway in the Connacht province of the Republic of Ireland. Ed Sheeran Songs „Galway Girl“ kennt, die kleine Hafenstadt an der irischen Westküste die ganze Welt. Galway ist die Hauptstadt der Grafschaft Galway in der Provinz Connacht der Republik Irland.

The excursion started at 8:15 a.m.: a tour of Galway City. The SH Vega was anchored about 10 minutes from Galway. That meant tendering. Unfortunately, instead of a tender boat for 200 passengers, a tender boat for 12 passengers arrived. SH Vega hatte ca. 10 Bootsminuten vor Galway geankert. Das bedeutete tendern. Leider kam statt eines Tenderbootes für 200 Passagiere ein Tenderboot für 12 Passagiere.

Per Zodiac nach Galway
Per Zodiac nach Galway

The expedition team reacted quickly again and so the Zodiacs were used for tendering. Ralf took the first Zodiac to have himself translated, Gaby preferred the more comfortable option - the 12-person tender boat.

A town crier from Galway welcomed us at the pier and informed us about the local situation in medieval clothing, very nice!

The local guides were already waiting at the pier. We went on the tour with Gerald.

Galway Girl

From the harbor we walked past the old city walls of Galway into the city center. Gerald not only had historical facts to tell, but also some adventurous - and really true - stories. From the founding of Galway to Christopher Columbus's stop on his way to America to John F. Kennedy's visit, we received a lot of information at the various stops on the city tour. We also met Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl, sitting on a bench. Christoph Kolumbus auf seinem Weg nach Amerika bis zum Besuch von John F. Kennedy erhielten wir an den verschiedenen Stopps auf dem Stadtrundgang viel Information. Auch Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl haben wir, auf einer Bank sitzend, getroffen.

O `Connells Pub

Of course, a visit to a PUB couldn't be missed. An Irish coffee was freshly prepared for each participant in the O Connells Pub and we fortified ourselves in the O´Connells Beergarden, a historic marketplace. We were amazed not only by the many types of beer that were served freshly tapped here. There were many more types of whisky at O`Connells, which we unfortunately didn't have time to taste. O `Connells Pub wurde für jeden Teilnehmer ein Irish Coffee frisch zubereitet und wir stärkten uns im Beergarden des O Connells, einem historischen Marketplace. Erstaunt waren wir nicht nur über die vielen Biersorten, die hier frisch gezapft serviert wurden. Im O Connells gab es noch viel mehr Whiskysorten, für die uns leider die Zeit zur Verkostung fehlte.

After 3 hours we arrived back at the Galway pier and this time decided to take one of the Zodiacs back to the SH Vega. As always, we were welcomed on board with a hot drink and a cool towel.

At around 2 p.m. it was time to cast off again as the journey along the west coast of Ireland continued.

Die anderen Passagiere genossen den Tag an Deck oder in der Observation Lounge. Wir suchten uns einen Platz am Fenster in der Observation Lounge, tranken frisch gebrühten Tee, sortierten Fotos und dokumentierten unsere Erlebnisse.

- day 6 - KILLYBEGS

Killybegs was exactly how we had imagined Ireland to be, deep green meadows, rugged rocks, small cozy houses and large and small fishing boats in the harbor. Fishing and building wind turbines are the main sources of income in Killybegs.

As an exception, the SH VEGA docked alongside Killybegs harbor pier, so we were able to go ashore directly from deck 4.

Two large buses were used for the excursion and the group of participants was divided. Which we found to be very pleasant since there were only about 35 people on one bus.

Wild Sliabh Liag Cliffs

Today we went - as always very early in the morning with the first bus - to the Wild Sliabh Liag Cliffs. The Sliabh Liag Cliffs, which are up to 600 meters deep and fall steeply towards the sea. After about 45 minutes through a landscape straight out of an Irish travel brochure, we arrived at a small café and souvenir shop (Tí Linn café and craft shop). Here we first had scones with jam and cream and tea or coffee.Tí Linn café and craft shop ) an. Hier gab es erst einmal Scones mit Marmelade und Sahne und Tee oder Kaffee.

After a 30 minute break we had to transfer to minibuses to drive up the narrow steep road to the cliffs. Normally you have to walk steeply uphill from a small parking lot to the viewpoint for about 20-30 minutes, but we were allowed to take the minibuses to the top. Of course, you could also hike further uphill from the viewpoint, the view was simply magnificent at every point. As we wandered around, we just had to be careful not to step on the sheep's droppings. Here, like everywhere else, sheep ran freely around the meadows; there are no fences.

After about 30 minutes we were really blown by the wind and went back first in the minibuses and then back in the large coach. A detour into the peat fields, where peat is still mined today, was also included.

Walking tour of Killybegs

Back in the harbor we decided to walk into the center of Killybegs. There should be particularly good, very fresh fish here. It took us about 15 minutes to get to the center of Killybegs, where we also stopped at the local cannery. Regional tuna was offered for tasting, we took advantage of the opportunity and of course took a can of tuna with us. A few meters further down the street there was fish and chips at a food truck (Killibegs Seafood Shake), we ordered a fish box without chips and ate it on the benches there - really delicious. (Killibegs Seafood Shake) fish&chips, wir bestellten eine Fischbox ohne Chips und aßen diese auf den dortigen Bänken – wirklich köstlich.

We then concluded our tour with a freshly tapped Guinness in one of the many pubs before walking the 15 minutes back to the ship.

Important: you can only get into the port as an authorized person. We showed our boarding passes and were able to go on to the ship.

In the afternoon we continued on the SH VEGA towards Scotland.



We anchored off the island of Iona early in the morning, the Inner Hebrides in Scotland have been reached. The island of Iona could only be reached by Zodiacs.

Useful information about Iona

From Iona the Christian faith spread across Northern Europe. The main attractions are therefore a nunnery (unfortunately now only a ruin) and an abbey that was run by monks (restored).

The way the small Scottish island of Iona (120 inhabitants, 6 km long, 2 km wide) presented itself is how you imagine Scotland. Old gray stone houses, small walls, flower meadows, free-roaming sheep and colorful little boats bobbing in the harbor.

We decided not to go on a guided excursion today. After crossing by boat, we strolled through 'the Village', through the centuries-old cemetery, of course bought a few souvenirs and even briefly dipped our feet in the 12-degree cold sea on the small sandy beach.

Back on board

We then speed back to the SH VEGA in one of the regularly departing Zodiacs. The weather was so sunny and warm that Ralf jumped into the onboard pool!

In the afternoon we continued towards the Outer Hebrides, past the uninhabited island of Staffa. Staffa was considered a special place by the Vikings because of its special rock formations. The SH VEGA did an extra lap around Staffa, then headed towards Stornoway. Stornoway.

Mr. Ralf´s Birthday surprise

The dessert that evening was very special. A cake was served and the entire restaurant crew sang a birthday serenade for Ralf. The highlight was Jeffry's solo. Thanks!!!

But that wasn't all the surprises this evening. Ronaldo, our cabin steward, had shaped the towels into different animals and positioned them on the bed. There were also artificial candles and a board with birthday wishes.

Our travel reports: Cruise with the SH Vega

Werbung: Advertising. Participation in the cruise on the SH Vega was partially supported by Swan Hellenic and took place at the invitation of Swan Hellenic. This has no influence on the reporting and we have only described our own experiences and impressions.

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